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Poster: mika martini Date: Jan 28, 2010 9:12am
Forum: netlabels Subject: New Fiat600 Release at Pueblo Nuevo!


"There are records that come out quietly. As time goes by, they turn into a premonitory soundtrack, the sound of a not-so-distant future. Darkness is not so thick now, it has become a mere strategy intended to scare shy people.

Darkness in this particular 'welcome to Hell' album is somebody's fault. I appoint my index finger to Miguel Conejeros; since childhood i've been told that's a sign of misbehavior. He may excuse my lack of manners, but we both know that if you move thru dense and wicked sound layers there is no time for courtesy.

So let's get into our stuff now. As a huge fan of H.P Lovecraft and his enormous contribution to fantastic literature; F600 pays homage to the former's character Erich Zann. As if both musicians engaged into a conversation inside that isolated attic at Rue d'Auseil. Fiat600 speaks thru Zann's mouth in order to get in touch with the weird, unknown creatures by his window, pretending he would find his ideal audience among tose strange-natured beings.

With this ghost-like orchestra, packed with disturbing sounds, Conejeros wrote a new chapter of his long-term trajectory, launching a new star that immediately placed him as part of the dark ambient minority – from the likes of Deathprod, Biosphere, or Lustmord.

Far from adapting to a style or hiding himself inside different alias for each and every adventure, Miguel, faithful to his machine, released Erich Zann as fiat600 in Barcelona (2002). Limited, very discreet this first edition was. Conejeros has always criticized the direction music industry was heading to, and, in a time of turmoil and changes in all styles, he chose to dedicate the record to a minority ready for the experience - or, at least, curious enough for it.

No promotion at all, just coming across the ones who found it by exploring. Music does not stand for mere entertainment, it also stands for knowledge.

Time and a convenient rest allow us to go thru this material again, in order to assess its real importance from a different perspective - Wolfgang Voigt's Gas brilliant work, among others, has been re-released very recently, too. We are facing opportunities to look backwards in order to understand what comes forwards, a very necessary thing to do.

fiat600's symbolic and mesmerizing capacity make Erich Zann's music a must for everyone interested in visiting the darkest side of nowadays electronica. Music for everyone interested in celebrating imaginary ceremonies."

Alejandro Vidal
(Barcelona, Sep. 2009)